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How to Enter a Meet

Meet Sign-Up Instructions:

Each week, it is the parents’ responsibility to sign up their swimmer(s) to participate in the upcoming swim meet. If you do not enter your swimmer, THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SWIM IN THE MEET.

Sometime Saturday evening or Sunday, meet signup will become available for the next weekend’s meet. You will need to sign your swimmer up by Tuesday at midnight. This gives the coaches enough time to add relay entries and adjust individual entries for the good of the team before the NWAL deadline for exchanging entry information with the other team.

To sign up, you must first login to the website.

If meet entry has been enabled, in the list of Next Meets on the Home Page (or if you click the Events tab), you will see a green button next to the meet that says “Meet Entry Open” (the Meet Entry button). Click on this button to sign up.

You will see a list of the swimmers in your family, with their status (at this point, it should say “Not yet signed up for this meet”), and an Edit button at the bottom. Click on Edit to declare your intentions for the meet. That should bring up a list of your swimmers, each with a dropdown box that says “undeclared”.

For each swimmer, click on the dropdown box and select “Attending this meet” or “Not attending this meet”.

If your swimmer is not attending this meet, please click save and you are done.

If your swimmer is attending, this will bring up a list of events for which they are eligible. Select the events you would like to request. Please specify if your swimmer is not available for relays and tell the coaches why so they can have the relay teams ready to go on the morning of the meet. Please also provide the coaches any additional information they may need regarding your swimmer’s participation in this meet.

Please note that there is a limit to the number of individual events your swimmer may enter in each meet listed in the upper right corner – for most meets (except Time Trials and Invitationals), the limit is 3. Please also note the coaches make the final decision as to which events each participant swims. The coaches may choose to change any swimmer’s entries for the good of the swimmer or the team.

Once you have made your selections, CLICK SAVE!!!!!!!!!!


For meets other than Time Trials, there will also be relays.The coaches will select the swimmers for the relay teams.

Once you are finished, please verify that your swimmer is entered in the meet! Go back to the home page, click on the Meet Entry button like you did earlier, and you should see a list of your swimmers and their status, including the events you requested for them. If you do not see that, please try again or contact us.

If you have questions, please email coaches@colescrocs.org regarding which meets or events to enter, or email entries@colescrocs.org regarding the sign up process. If you have a problem, please email ASAP.The sooner we know about the problem, the better the chance it can be fixed in time for your swimmer to be in the meet.

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