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    Welcome Visiting Teams!


    We are excited to welcome you to our pool.  Please share the following information with your team before the meet.

    Pool Address:

    16010 Coles Crossing Drive (approximate address), Cypress, TX 77429. The Coles Crossing Swim Center is located across from Sampson Elementary School (16002 Coles Crossing Drive). 


    The pool parking lot will be used for setup and blocked to all traffic except for access to handicapped spots and team equipment delivery.  Please utilize the parking lot across the street at the school.  There is also parking available along Coles Crossing Drive and Coles Crossing Drive North.  Please obey all posted No Parking signs and watch for pedestrians. For more detail, please review the parking map linked below.


    Our pool is a 6 lane regulation 25-yard pool. We use a Colorado Infinity starter coupled with a Dolphin timing system. We utilize 3 wireless watches per lane with a manual stopwatch backup.  We will provide all stopwatches for the meet.  We request that you bring your starter (as a backup to ours) and your computer (again, as a backup to ours).  Our Dolphin timing system is also connected to a scoreboard which will supply unofficial times and places for each heat.

    Starting blocks are located at the deep end of the pool only.  Coaches’ tents are located next to the building.  The restrooms are poolside. Results will be posted on result boards near the shallow end of the pool.

    Team Set-up:

    Parents may drop off gear at the pool in the designated drop-off area.  The visiting team area is a large space, just outside the side gate to the pool area.  This area is adjacent to the drop-off area.


    Exchange may occur via the swim-team.us website per NWAL rules. Please contact Ginger Callahan for details. We would like you to bring your computer as a backup.


    We generally hold an officials meeting at about 8:00 on the morning of the meet.  Our head referee will work with your officials to ensure good coverage during the meet.


    We will divide the meet into two shifts, using event numbers 1-40 for the first shift, and events 41-80 as the second shift.  The announcer will call for shift changes. We require that you provide the following volunteers for the meet:

    Timers: 9 per shift

    Scribe: 3 per shift

    Ribbon Writer: 1 per shift

    Results Runner: 1 for second shift

    Ready Bench: 2 per shift

    If you assign lanes for your timers and scribes, please assign 1 scribe and one timer for the even numbered lanes, and two timers for the odd numbered lanes.  The Crocs will be prepared to handle the head timer duties for the meet, but you are welcome to provide a head timer and share in the duties if you prefer.

    We prefer that the shift change occurs seamlessly, with your volunteers making the change around event 41 without stoppage of the meet.  We remind teams that the timers and ready bench personnel are acting in an official capacity at the meet during their shift(s), under the supervision of the meet referee, and must maintain objectivity and impartiality.


    Home warm-ups start at 7:15 am.  Visiting team warm-ups start at 7:45 am. Scratches need to be presented by your Clerk of Course to Computers by 7:30 am. The officials’ meeting will begin at 8:00 am and the timers’ meeting will begin at 8:05 am.  The meet is scheduled to start at 8:30 am.  Please have all volunteers in place to allow for a prompt start to the meet.

    Heat Sheets:

    Heat sheets will be available for purchase across from the Concessions Stand for $3.00.


    We will have a concession area open for breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the meet.  Our concessions items can be purchased with cash only.

    We make every effort to have a fair and efficiently run swim meet.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to one of our team board members.

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