THURSDAY PRACTICE - We are having a special practice as a FAREWELL for COACH JEFF...many of you know that FLEET has told JEFF that this is his last season to COACH CROCS...we will have a PARTY STYLE PRACTICE with fun RELAYS and POPSICLES for all that would like to come.  Normal Invitational Practice time 9-10 for 10&Unders and 10-11 for 11&Ups.  I will leave a BASKET on the front counter as you walk in if you'd like to have your croc drop him a card or note.  He will truly be missed.

    PONDEROSA RELAYs - Please look these over.  If your swimmer is on one of them and for some reason you are unable to make it to PON for the relay, please let me know ASAP. If you have any questions at all about navigating between the two meets in the event that you are doing both, please don't hesitate.


    GIRLS Progressive - Lilly Redwine, Isabelle Callahan, Addison Dempsey, Vici Praczko, Molly Kate Maddan

    BOYS Progressive - Jacob Shiflett, Zac Hays, Roddy Herron, Clark Feenstra, Oscar McLeod

    Girls 6u Free - Sophia Herrera, Annalise Roberts, Kyleigh Bondy, Molly Kate Maddan

    Boys 6u Free - Landon Johnson, Corban Feenstra, Carson, Uran, Ethan Heimbaugh

    Boys 7/8 Free - Jayson Briggs, Caleb Roach, John Gasson, Oscar McLeod

    Girls 9/10 - McKenna Walston, Kailyn Danner, Vici Praczko, Chloe Woodson

    Boys 9/10 - Jack Maddan, Charlton Lemp, Wil Pearson, Clark Feenstra

    Girls 11/12 - Adyson Shiflett, Sophia Oakley, Sarah Neri, Addison Dempsey

    Boys 11/12 - Carter Feenstra, Landon Danner, Adam Speedie, Roddy Herron

    Girls 13/14 - Isabelle Callahan, Morgan Wallace, Megan Janger, Caitlyn Pearson

    Boys 13/14 - Austin Orr, Hinson Chestnutt, Andrew Loh, Zac Hays

    Girls 15/18 - Brooke Nunley, Riley Smith, Ashton Ernest, Lilly Redwine


    Girls Progressive - Erin Maddan, Isabelle Callahan, Riley Smith, Vici Praczko, Molly Kate Maddan

    Boys Progressive - Roddy Herron, Zac Hays, Jacob Shiflett, Clark Feenstra, Oscar McLeod

    Girls 8U Medley - Jordan Small, Molly Kate Maddan, Sophia Herrera, Emilia McLeod

    Boys 8U Medley - John Gasson, Jayson Briggs, Oscar McLeod, Caleb Roach

    Girls 9/10 Medley - Concetta Mayorca, Vici Praczko - unavailable, McKenna Walston, Chloe Woodson

    Boys 9/10 Medley - Sam Loh, Clark Feenstra, Jack Maddan, Will Pearson

    Girls 11/12 Medley - Sophia Oakley, Erin Maddan, Sarah Neri, Addison Dempsey

    Boys 11/12 Medley - Ryan Conroy, Roddy Herron, Adam Speedie, Carter Feenstra

    Girls 13/14 Medley - Isabelle Callahan, Morgan Wallace, Megan Janger, Caitlyn Pearson - unavailable

    Boys 13/14 Medley - Andrew Loh, Martin Salinas, Zac Hays, Austin Orr

    Girls 15/18 Medley - Riley Smith, Lilly Redwine, Ashton Ernest, Brooke Nunley

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