NWAL Season Update

    Croc families,

    Here is the latest update from NWAL, the governing body of summer league in our area:
    At this time, we will delay the start of the season until May 11th. The CDC has issued a recommendation of no groups larger than 50 persons for 8 weeks. By date this would expire on May 10th. Practices would be allowed to start on May 11th, with 2 weeks of practice prior to the 1st dual meet on May 23rd. We would not have a practice meet on the schedule this season. That first meet would be according to the meet you already have scheduled on that day. The schedule would follow what is already in place through the balance of the season, including invitationals (provided they are still being held).

    However, should the CDC or governments extend the recommendation past May 10th or other factors prevent NWAL from starting the season as outlined above, NWAL would then cancel the 2020 summer league season.

    What this means:

    No in person registrations or any other team gatherings at this time.

    No practices until May 11th at the earliest.
    Registration is still on hold pending determination of whether the season will take place.

    We will let you know if/when we hear any new or updated information.

    Stay safe & optimistic

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